Why Would Someone Need A Hospital Bed?

Hospital Beds

When you think of a hospital bed, typically, a vision of a bright white hospital with cold white sheets probably comes to mind. However, that isn’t always the case.

More than likely, someone would need a hospital bed because they have decided to take their long-term care into the familiarity of their homes. With the ease of obtaining a hospital bed, the ability to have a family or home care worker to care for you, and the comfort of home surroundings, you can focus more on the healing process.

If you have been researching hospital beds and how you could benefit from one, keep reading to find out more information on why someone would need a hospital bed and the three best hospital beds available.

Why Would Someone Need A Medical Bed?

There are several reasons someone not in an actual hospital would require the use of a hospital bed.

These include,

Long-term care

Recovering from a surgery

Issues with mobility

Long-term care is the number one reason why someone would need a hospital bed. This could be for many reasons, and a Medical bed would be the best addition to their at-home care.

Another long-term care reason would be for anyone deciding to have end-of-life care in their homes. Here opting to have a hospital bed rental in their home is as much about comfortability as it is safety.

Recovering from a surgical procedure or trauma can be a long and painful process. Having the reliability of a hospital bed to aid in that healing can be the peace of mind you and your family need.

Mobility issues are another popular reason someone would need a hospital bed, especially in their home. Whether it is an elderly loved one, a disability, or loss of mobility, a hospital bed allows care to be given in a respectful and accessible way.

Are All Hospital Beds The Same?

In short, no, not all Medical beds are the same. They are typically customized to meet the patient’s personal recovery or care needs.

Some of the significant differences in hospital beds are as follows:

Size of frame

Mattress thickness


Adjustable top and bottom

High/low positioning option

Bed accessories- soft-touch rails, table, handset, safety locks, and bumpers

A hospital bed can come in various sizes from 36” x 80” or a 39″ or 42″ wide for patients needing more space for care or added comfort. Mattresses can be selected to assist in the level of comfort required, pressure redistribution, and help in maintaining posture. Additional features can also include being hypoallergenic and resistant to fluids.

The most crucial aspect to take away from this is that hospital beds are no longer the cold and uncomfortable beds of the past. They have become modern and customized to fit any and all patient recovery or long-term needs.

3 Of The Best Hospital Beds

Below is a list of the three top medical beds on the market today, ranging from higher-end to basic to meet all medical needs. They are in no particular order, and selection was based upon high customer reviews and purchase percentages.

Bed 1

The Centrella™ Smart+ Bed

This hospital bed is designed for the extra support and safety families, and loved ones desire when they think about at-home care. Centrella’s Smart Bed reduces pressure injury for those patients with skin issues and has added fall prevention protection.

A sensor has been placed under the mattress in newer models, which tracks heart and respiratory rates without bothering the patient. Many people who have purchased this bed boast about its incredible safety features and feel it effortlessly meets all their care needs.

Bed 2

The Carroll CS Series

The Carroll CS Series hospital bed has been rated the best and premium fully electric hospital bed for patients requiring at-home care. This hi-low hospital bed features an innovative Auto Contour design, which simultaneously raises the head and knees for comfortable position changes and also has added accessories such as safety rails and mattress cover.

Bed 3

Invacare® ETUDE HC Homecare Bed™

This hospital bed comes with a long list of features to aid in the safety and comfort of home care.

This hospital bed features an eight-function hand control lockout function for added protection with its simple yet modern design. It can also conform to the IEC bed standard and has side rails that meet all safety standards for hospital beds. The dual height brackets allow the bed to be lowered to the best industry height of 7.8.”


Choosing a hospital bed should be the least stressful part of at-home care. When deciding that a hospital bed is the best addition for recovery, it is vital to speak with your physician and also always keep in mind your personal comfort and safety requirements,

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