Why Do I Need A Hospital Bed?

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Are you or a loved one looking to improve their quality of life by purchasing a hospital
bed? Hospital beds are an excellent addition to any house since they can assist people
with mobility challenges to reclaim some of their lost freedom. This blog will examine the
several benefits of owning a hospital bed.

The Advantages of Purchasing a Hospital Bed
There are numerous advantages to owning a hospital bed. A hospital bed will not only
provide the user with additional comfort that a standard bed cannot, but it will also boost
the user’s independence and keep them safe by making getting in and out of bed
This means fewer falls and the difficulties that come with them! Hospital beds are also
equipped with wheels, allowing them to be moved around the house. They also include
locks to keep them motionless when necessary! Hospital beds also include therapeutic
mattresses, which means your loved one will be more comfortable!
What’s the Difference Between Your Mattress and a Hospital Mattress?
Many people choose to keep their own bed at home rather than convert to a hospital
bed since they are unfamiliar with the differences. The following are some of the
distinctions between a regular bed and a hospital bed:
Unlike ordinary beds, hospital beds are built to work with different medical devices.
Transferring to a wheelchair, rollator, bed table, or other transfer device is made easier
and more convenient with these beds. This is due to the fact that you can quickly modify
the posture of a hospital bed!
Simple to Use
Did you know that you can modify the bed in a hospital bed at the touch of a button?
This implies that the user can adjust the bed on their own, allowing them to reclaim
some of their lost independence.

When you upgrade to a hospital bed, the user will be able to utilize it independently.
This will not only restore their lost freedom, but it will also relieve caregivers and
caretakers of stress!
Reducing the Chances of More Complications
Hospital beds come with special hospital-grade mattresses that assist prevent pressure
ulcers and pressure sores. Specialized ROHO mattresses are also available for persons
with more complex conditions that may require a higher level of support.
Characteristics of a Hospital Bed
Hospital beds come with a variety of features that might help you feel more comfortable
and mobile at home. The following are some of these characteristics:
Positioning that can be changed
The backrest of hospital beds can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle. This will assist the
person in sitting up. The adjustable position for the lower limbs is also accessible, which
can aid with both comfort and circulation!
Height-Adjustable Bed
Hospital beds give an increased level of safety and convenience by allowing the user to
adjust the bed height. The transfer will be considerably easier than in a regular bed,
whether the user is trying to get in or out.
Additional Protection
Hospital beds have an additional safety feature in addition to all of the previously
mentioned gains in independence and safety. These beds are available with either a
half rail or a full rail. This means you and your loved one can sleep soundly knowing
there’s no danger of slipping out of bed in the middle of the night.
A Hospital Bed’s Therapeutic Features
Hospital beds come with a variety of therapeutic features. The bundle includes an
enhanced mattress when you buy a hospital bed from Hospital Bed Rental Inc.  These
mattresses are made to help with pressure redistribution, reducing the risk of bed
ulcers. Low shear and friction are additional features of the mattresses, making it
considerably easier to transfer the person in and out of the bed. Another advantage of a
hospital bed is the ability to modify the posture. This can help with breathing problems
and sleep apnea, as well as increase circulation and prevent acid reflux.
Our Hospital Beds are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

We have a large range of hospital beds at Hospital Bed Toronto to assist you alter your
life at home! The Hospital Bed on the Drive
A full-electric bed, the Drive Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Hospital Bed. It has a distinct design
with a taller headboard than footboard and is scratch and break resistant. Full or half-
length rauls are also available for this bed. All of the springs are branded and colour
coded, no matter what size you choose, making installation the side rails a breeze!
Because the motor is self-contained, it is lighter and quieter. The hand control on this
bed has a 9-volt battery that enables for up to 9 full cycles of adjustment.
The Drive Mattress is a mattress that is designed to help you
Are you looking for a good balance of price and comfort? Then you’ll love Drive’s most
popular therapeutic foam mattress! This mattress features three full layers of latex-free
foam that aid in pressure redistribution and friction reduction. This mattress is built to be
long-lasting and sturdy, so you can enjoy its benefits for years to come. The edges are
made of high-density foam, which provides support and allows for safe patient transfers!
The INVACARE Hospital Bed is a type of bed that is used in hospitals.
INVACARE Hospital Bed is a fantastic addition to any home. This fully electric hospital
bed has adaptable bed ends that can be used as a head or a footboard. The bed has
rubber casters to prevent scuffing on the floor, as well as a low-voltage motor that is
quieter but faster!
The INVACARE Mattress is a mattress that is designed to help you sleep better
The INVACARE Solace® Prevention Series Mattresses are designed to help reduce the
risk of pressure ulcers by evenly distributing weight and allowing blood to flow via
capillaries in areas that are prone to lesion formation. This collection includes four
mattresses with varying treatment efficacies. You get to choose which mattress is best
for you this way! INVACARE mattresses come in a standard length of 80 inches.
HALSA Bed and HALSA Plus Bed are two types of HALSA beds.
Permobile’s premium bed features multiple posts on each side for increased stability at
any height! It also has a Maple and Mahogany head and footboard that are both elegant
and durable. The HALSA Bed has a 375-pound weight capacity, whereas the HALSA
Plus Bed has a 500-pound weight capacity.
They both feature a 10″ low position and a 25″ high position, however the HALSA Plus
Bed’s breadth may be increased! Unlike other hospital beds that offer Trendelenburg
capabilities as an option, HALSA offers it as a basic feature.
Hospital Bed Rental Inc. is a company that rents out hospital beds.

We take pleasure in providing industry-leading customer service and products to our
customers at Hospital Bed Rental Inc. Contact us right away if you’re thinking about
buying a hospital bed to help you or a loved one live a better life. Our team will assist
you in determining which hospital bed is best for your home. Call us, go to our website,
or visit one of our three locations in the Greater Toronto Area now!

Patients may have less stress while recovering from an injury or disease thanks to
hospital beds. In this article, we’ll go over some of the unexpected benefits of hospital
beds that will make your loved one smile.
So, without further ado, let’s talk about these benefits.
What Benefits Does Having a Hospital Bed Provide?
Reduction of Pain
Dealing with pain is one of the most difficult aspects of recovering from an injury or
disease. It might take anywhere from two to three years for an injury to recover. If you
don’t take care of the injured area, your recovery time may be prolonged.
The advantage of hospital beds is that they are simply changed to your desired level.
Because the hospital bed prevents pressure from being applied to the problematic area
of the body, it is an ideal solution for people suffering from cramps, neck diseases, and
shoulder difficulties.
As a consequence, it helps to relieve discomfort while allowing your loved one to heal in
Rather of waiting for others, we recommend that the patient choose an electric hospital
bed so that he or she can adjust the position to suit his or her needs.
The patient can quickly modify the bed to a more comfortable position while getting in or
out of bed. It eventually aids in the alleviation of the pain people feel when using a
traditional bed.
One of the most critical factors for a patient recovering from an injury is safety. A minor
miscalculation can occasionally result in enormous issues. A patient’s injuries will
worsen if they fall out of bed while attempting to fetch something, for example. And, if

they’ve had any problems, it’ll take them longer to recover.

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