Wheelchair Rental – Things You Need to Consider

Wheelchair rental

Do you need a wheelchair for a few days?

Well, wheelchair rental might be a suitable option for you. We understand it may be your first time looking for a wheelchair. Therefore, we’ve prepared the information you may need to make the right decision.

We’ve mentioned all the important factors that may help you with choosing the right wheelchair for your loved one. So, without any further, let’s talk about things you need to consider when looking for wheelchair rental.

Understanding the Types of Wheelchairs

Understanding the types of wheelchairs must be your top priority when you’re choosing a wheelchair for your loved one. It’s not just about considering the overall design of the wheelchair but you must also have an understanding of how different types of wheelchairs function. Here’s an overview of some of the common wheelchairs you may find during your research.

Manual Wheelchairs

You must have seen a manual wheelchair at least once in your life because these types of wheelchairs are easily affordable. Therefore, most people prefer choosing them over others. The user needs to operate this type of wheelchair himself. He can move the wheelchair forward and backward using the handling around the wheels.

A caregiver may also move this type of chair using the handles located behind the backrest. The manual wheelchairs are further divided into a few more categories. Some models of manual wheelchairs are lightweight and foldable. These models are particularly designed for people who need to carry their wheelchair with them when traveling around as they can easily store it in the vehicle’s trunk or backseat.

The second type of manual wheelchairs are durable and heavy-duty as well. These wheelchairs can bear more weight and are considered more suitable for all types of situations. The problem with manual wheelchairs is that they can lead to several health problems if the user operates the chair for a long time.

Powered Wheelchairs

As the name suggests, these types of wheelchairs are equipped with a battery and the user doesn’t have to apply any force to move them forward or backward. Usually, there is a joystick installed at the handle that helps with operating the chair. Powered wheelchairs are equipped with heavy-duty wheels so that the user may not face any problems when traveling around.

These wheelchairs are pretty heavy as compared to manual wheelchairs because these wheelchairs have an electric motor and a battery installed in them.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs are particularly designed for kids. You can easily find the manual and powered wheelchairs in this category. It’s better to choose a manual wheelchair in the initial stages so that the child may learn to use it properly. The pediatric wheelchairs are designed to build the child’s confidence that a disability can’t prevent them from moving ahead in life.

Positioning Wheelchairs

These types of wheelchairs are particularly designed for people who need to stay in a wheelchair for most part of the day. The user can adjust the position of the chair using controllers available on the handle. They can adjust the height of the wheelchair and they can tilt it whenever they want.

These wheelchairs play a vital role in preventing detriments like soars, ulcers, and wounds.

These are the most common types of wheelchairs you’d see if you visit a nearby wheelchair rental.

Additional Things to Look for When Choosing a Wheelchair from a Wheelchair Rental

Let’s talk about a few other factors you need to monitor when you’re choosing a wheelchair from a wheelchair rental.

Carefully inspect the Chair

You aren’t the only person who is going to get the wheelchair from a wheelchair rental The wheelchair must have remained under the use of many other patients before you. So, you can’t be sure about the overall health of the chair unless you inspect it for damages.

Normally, the wheelchair rentals take care of this aspect and they run detailed checks whenever a patient returns the chair. Still, it’s your responsibility to inspect the wheelchair when you’re choosing one. Make sure that all functions of the wheelchair are working perfectly because if a problem appeared when the wheelchair is in your custody, you’d be considered responsible.

So, before you sign an agreement with the wheelchair rental, you must inspect all features of the wheelchair carefully.

Take a Test Drive

You’re going to use the wheelchair for a few days, right?

Well, you should then look for a wheelchair that can ensure your comfort. The comfort level of the wheelchair can’t be tested within a few minutes. You need to take the wheelchair out for a test drive and see how you feel about it. If you’re planning on choosing a powered wheelchair, you need to ask the rental service provider about how long it lasts after a full recharge.

Then, take it out for a test drive and see whether their claim was true or not. It’s the best way to decide whether a wheelchair is suitable for you or not.


It’s one of the most important factors that often go unnoticed. People barely ever think of exchangeability because they’re considering using the wheelchair for a few days. Even if you don’t want to exchange the wheelchair, you must ask the wheelchair rental about whether they offer any such services or not.

There are a few rental services that don’t accept exchange requests for wheelchairs. So, you must confirm that you’d be able to exchange the wheelchair if you didn’t feel comfortable with the one you’re choosing.

The Cost

The Wheelchair rental may cost around $15-$50 per day. But the cost may vary depending on the type of wheelchair you’re choosing. Some wheelchair rentals have designed packages for people who want to use the wheelchair for a few days.

When you’re looking for a wheelchair at a wheelchair rental, you must ask them about the overall cost of the wheelchair. Some wheelchair rentals may even provide a quote online if you send them a request. Make sure that you mention the duration for which you’re willing to use the wheelchair.

Who Will Cover The Cost?

Your health insurance provider may cover the cost of the wheelchair depending on the insurance plan you’ve subscribed to. The only way to find this out is to consult your insurance provider and ask them if your insurance policy is eligible for this benefit or not. And don’t forget to ask them if they have any restrictions about the wheelchair rental.

Long-term vs Short-term Rentals

Some wheelchair rental services have designed different terms and conditions for different types of customers. Make sure that you tell them about how long you’re willing to use the wheelchair. Thus, you can expect to receive a discount offer from the supplier. Here are a few factors that distinguish long-term rentals from short-term rentals.


As we’ve mentioned, the wheelchair rental services offer discounts when a user chooses a long-term plan. But if you’re planning to use the wheelchair for less than a week, you won’t get any discounts. Moreover, the insurance provider also covers the limited cost of wheelchair rental when you’re choosing a short-term plan.


If you’re choosing a long-term rental, you’d be asked to sign an agreement because the rental service will keep you accountable if the wheelchair got damaged in your custody. But you don’t need to worry about signing an agreement if you’re choosing a wheelchair rental for a couple of days.

In this situation, the rental service only asks for a security deposit. This amount is usually enough for covering the costs if the user damages the wheelchair.


Long-term rentals have a range of options available compared to short-term rentals. Moreover, the long-term rentals also provide additional equipment like power lifts and ramps for users’ comfort. Obviously, they will charge an extra amount for these products. But they can eliminate the pain of exploring other stores to find these items.

Where to Find a Wheelchair Rental?

Your hospital case manager can guide you about the local rental services if you’re being discharged from the hospital. They can even arrange the wheelchair for you if you ask them for help. You can also ask your health insurance provider for recommendations. The insurance providers usually have contracts with the rental services. So, they can provide you with a list of wheelchair rental services where you can get your desired product.

The benefit of consulting your insurance provider is that you won’t waste your time looking for rental services that aren’t even associated with your insurance provider. You can also search for a wheelchair rental service online. Thus, you’d easily be able to look at the types of products they have available. And you can also get an idea of how satisfied their previous clients are.


Wheelchair rental is an amazing solution for those who want to use a wheelchair for a limited period of time. The best part is that you can get a high-quality wheelchair at pretty affordable rates. We’ve described the important factors you need to consider when choosing a wheelchair rental. If you need more information about choosing a wheelchair rental, feel free to get in touch with us.

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