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We at Hospital Bed Rental Inc are going to help you create a home hospital with our mattresses, lifts, and hospital beds. We are one of the top choices of Toronto and Mississauga caregivers. Our product selection enables you to work with convenience while providing your loved one with safe equipment, whether they have reduced mobility or need to remain in a comfy bed. Hospital bed rental Toronto offer premium grade and high end beds!

We are always looking to make the Medical Bed rental process of our hospital beds and medical equipment easier and more affordable for our clientele, which is why we accept many forms of payment. Our staff are available to assist you in-store, online, or by phone! Same day delivery available.

At Hospital Bed Rental Toronto, we know how hard it is to find premium-grade equipment for rent, so we offer a variety of items your loved one will need for different purposes.

We have lift chairs that provide comfort, stair lifts to facilitate moving between floors, and Hoyer power lifts to make patient transference simple and easy. Lift chairs allow patients to recline and rest away from their bed, so they can enjoy a change of environment. Stair lifts and Hoyer power lifts take the burden off of caregivers by doing some of the work for them.

If you’ve decided to rent one of our hospital bed for rent, we highly recommend getting a mobile bed table. If your loved one is bedridden, the mobile  table will allow them the space to eat, read, or do other activities, such as crossword puzzles. It will also make it easier to find the television remote.

For patients who need mobility assistance, Hospital Bed Rentals in Toronto and Mississauga can supply you with different types of walkers. We also provide wheelchair rentals and ramps.

When paired with our hospital beds, our medical equipment makes home healthcare easier to manage.


MultiTech R hospital bed


VersaTech LB Hospital Bed

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