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Hospital bed

It is quite a tricky task to buy a hospital bed for yourself or a person you care about. The process becomes easy if you have a reliable guide and supplier, in this article you have got your hands on both. In the continued text, you will get tips to choose the perfect bed according to the condition of the patient and information about the reliable supplier i.e. Hospital Bed Rental.

Hospital Bed Rental offers you quality hospital beds for home care of your patent and brings the same delivery option to you. Now when the stress of the supplier is gone. Let’s take a ride to some workable tips to make your experience of hospital beds successful.

Choosing the type of Bed for the patient

Usually, medical beds have two types i.e. Electric Hospital beds and Manual Hospital beds. Electric Hospital beds have more positioning options. It is good when you are not going to hire much nursing staff because it is easy to operate for you or any family member whereas manual hospital beds have the advantage of low cost over electric hospital beds.

These manual hospital beds come with relatively less positioning options and also require more technical knowledge to operate. Furthermore, for efficient operation of these medical beds, you can buy special equipment for pediatric and bariatric etc. You can choose any of the both beds depending upon your preference from the supplier. Moreover, if you are getting a tough time judging which type fits best for you then you can always ask from Hospital Bed Rental’s customer care.

Make a list of your desired features

Hospital Beds come with various features which can address the condition of the patient and how long he is going to stay in bed. These hospital beds are mostly electric, manual, height-adjustable, platform for profiling mattress, side rails, tilt feature etc. There are many options available for you and you have to decide what your preferences are when it comes to features. You can make a list of the features and look for the required model from Hospital Bed Rental. An example of the features that you may want in your hospital bed is as follows.

·        The feature that allows you to adjust the bed height

·        Side rails to prevent falling from the hospital bed

·        An efficient platform for mattress profiling

·        Tilt option

·        Desirable color or material

·        Head and footboard

Choose a bed with a good height range and side rails

Ensuring only that your hospital bed has adjustable height is not sufficient; rather you should ensure that it offers a good height range as well. This height range is determined by knowing the height of the mattress profiling platform from the ground in its highest and lowest position. For example, if the bed has the feature that it can be at a distance of 50 cm from the ground at its lowest position and distance of 80cm from the ground at its highest. Then it has an adjustable height range of 50cm to 80 cm.

You should go for the height range that suits you. If there are chances of a patient falling from the bed then go for the bed that offers a low lower range of height. Otherwise, you can go for the range of your choice. To ensure prevention from falling, side rails are essential too. These side rails act as barriers for the patient and keep him from falling.

Ensuring Trendelenburg position option in the hospital bed

Trendelenburg position allows you to move the bed to a position in which the bed is tilted in the backward direction causing the feet to lift higher than the head. The position helps to ensure the proper surgical exposure of the body’s pelvic organs. It is sometimes used for specific medical conditions and is good to include in the list of your features. The same feature offers you an anti-trendelenburg position in which the head is tilted in an upward direction while feet are at a lower level than the head. This position helps patients to eat, communicate and watch television. It provides the patient with a comfortable seating position where he feels stress on the backbone or lower body.

Choose appropriate mattress according to the patient

While buying the mattress you need to be very conscious because your mattress will be in direct contact with the patient’s body. Depending upon the ease and comfort of the patient, decide the flexibility and thickness of the mattress. If the patient has to stay on the mattress for a longer time then the mattress should be flexible enough to adapt the shape according to moves. But if the patient has the issue of back pain then the mattress should not be much flexible because it can trigger back pain.

If your patient is going to use the hospital bed for a longer period then buy a thick hospital bed mattress. Furthermore, using a mattress with inflatable pads and visco-elastic foam helps to reduce the chances of bedsores in this case. The Hospital Bed Rental brings you an opportunity to buy both the mattress and hospital bed from the same place. So now pick the size and type of your choice and get your hospital mattress and bed delivered within a day in Toronto.

Concluding words

No matter how technical the hospital bed purchase process is, this guide will help you know which hospital bed and mattress will serve your interest the best. Apart from these features, quality is usually the biggest concern of the buyer. The quality of the bed can only be ensured if you have got a trusted supplier. Hospital Bed Rental assures you the quality of the hospital beds and mattresses ensuring the comfort of the patient. Offering their service 7 days a week. Furthermore, the customer service call center is available to satisfy your queries. Choose the hospital bed that suits your budget following the above tips and prioritize the comfort of your loved ones.

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