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At Hospital Bed Rental in Toronto, we want to make your hospital bed buying experience the best. So, if you are looking for hospital beds for sale in Toronto, you came to the right place. We have a large variety of hospital beds for sale to meet everyone's specific needs. Whether you need to lay flat, keep your feet or head propped up, want to move your bed around freely, or other, we got you covered.

What is a Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed is an adjustable bed on wheels designed for patients hospitalized, bedridden, or in need of medical care. These beds are created with special features that offer users safety, comfort, and well-being. They also provide convenience to the patient and caregivers.

Hospital beds can have many features and benefits. Some features may include wheels that make the bed easy to move around, electric lifts on both sides that allow patients to raise their feet or head while also making it easier to get in and out of bed, sturdy bed rails on both sides of the bed that you can lift for safety so a patient won't fall out of bed. Hospital beds may be fully electric, semi-electric, or manual.

The Different Hospital Beds Available Today?

Invacare Hospital Beds

Invacare launched way back in 1885. Since then, the company has seen many changes and added a lot of new additions to their product lines. Invacare Home Care Hospital beds are built to last a long time and deliver long-term savings. Not only are these beds durable, but they are also washable as well to help reduce costly repairs and cleaning and maintenance costs. They are also known for being interchangeable with bed ends that you can switch from a headboard to a footboard. These beds make delivery and set up easier.

Most Invacare Hospital Beds include high impact and durable bed end panels that are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Some of the newer beds contain a DC low voltage high-quality compact motor system that is faster, lighter, and quieter than older systems. They also have waterproof enclosures, so you can use standard water pressure to wash the entire system. Invacare includes an extended maintenance schedule with its beds, offered every 3-years or with each new user.

Invacare Etude Hospital Bed

The Invacare Etude hospital bed is the most versatile electric bed in today's market. With appealing aesthetics, easy handling, easy operation, and a flexible design, these beds are an ideal choice for any patients in a hospital, in a community home care facility, or at home. Not to mention they are the only hospital beds that offer a Shear Management Technology standard feature that reduces friction and shear for unmatched safety and comfort. And Etude beds have discreet yet modern designs streamlined to complement almost any interior decor.

Features include multi-functional hand controls that are easy to use and allows either the patient or caregiver to lock certain functions for enhanced safety and deck heights that range from 7.8" to 26.5" to accommodate all patient's needs. The Etude is easy to assemble without tools. It has 3" smooth-rolling locking casters for simple maneuvering and lightweight sections that weigh 52 lbs. or less for safe transport and manageability.

Invacare IVC Electric Hospital Bed

The Invacare IVC Full-Electric bed offers the perfect balance between quality and value while also providing convenience for both the patient and caregiver. These beds are easy to clean and are very durable. They include half-length Invacare chrome plated bed rails that feature welded steel construction designed for heavy-duty use you can install for important accident prevention security.

The easy-to-use hand pendant control provides motorized positioning that allows you to find the best position for your upper and lower body while also allowing you to adjust the height of the bed frame for safety, efficiency, and easy transfer. This bed makes things easier on you: it is easier to deliver, install, clean, and maintain. It also has interchangeable features so you can switch accessories around. Invacare's Innerspring high-quality mattress 5185 features a .312 innerspring design, premium-grade urethane foam, and high-density cotton felt to help reduce shifting and enhance mattress life. The patient's weight capacity is 350 lbs.

The Invacare cs7 Series Hospital Bed

The Invacare Carroll Hi-Low cs7 Hospital Bed is the industry standard for extended care hospital beds. Its enhanced stability, easy controls, and smooth movement when raising or lowering the head, feet, or the entire bed height, makes this bed ideal for patients under long-term bed rest. Featuring auto contour that raises both the head and knees simultaneously, so patients remain comfortable while lying in place or when repositioning themselves. The simultaneous feature also helps to prevent skin shearing that sometimes occurs during repositioning.

This hospital bed also provides patients with better support and mattress airflow. The newer Slat Deck, an upgrade from the traditional Grid Deck older models contained, provides better support, improved infection management, and reduces mattress wear and tear. A floor lock system allows you to secure the bed to the floor, so it locks in place at any height range. It also provides mobility-on-demand so you can move around when needed.

You don't have to raise the bed all the way to full height for maneuvering or transporting the cs7 series bed. And it has an indicator that is easy to read and will alert staff should the bed go off the castors to where it is not locked in place. The bright and rugged hand control with universal symbols makes it easy to operate. The cs7 can drop to 7" in height and raised to 30" at the highest settings. You even have the option of expanding the length of the mattress and bed to 84? Long, which is great for taller users. A wall bumper is included to ensure the bed is a safe distance from the wall, and the tool-free, rapid assembly makes maintenance a breeze.

Drive Hospital Beds

Drive has been around since 2000. This company provides patients with superior bedding products that promote safety, security, and comfort, which invokes a better quality of life. Drive currently offers full electric beds, semi-electric beds, home care low beds, and manual beds.

Full Electric Bariatric Bed

Bariatric beds are designed for heavier or bigger users, and thus, are larger than typical beds with more weight capacity. A typical bed usually is 3ft/90cm wide, but a bariatric bed usually is 4ft/120cm wide, providing more room for a larger individual to rest.

The Drive Bariatric full electric hospital bed was developed with medical care patients in mind. Constructed with a heavy-duty, durable frame made of all steel to provide security, comfort, and safety to patients. Featuring easy to reach and use, built-in hand controls that allow multi-bed positioning, smooth, quiet operation, and simple — no-tool — installation with a weight capacity of 1000lbs.

Drive Delta 1000 Hospital Bed

The Drive Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Medical Full-Electric Hospital Bed is perfect for patients looking for a hospital bed to use at home, at a hospital, or at a nursing care facility. This lightweight bed has a channel frame for superior strength. Install the self-contained motor in seconds with no tools and with the patient in bed as it is very lightweight compared to other hospital bed motors. The junction box and UL approved single motor are self-contained to run and prevent distractions. The transition box on the foot section can be used by patients or caregivers to alter the rotation of the bed's high-low shaft.

This electric bed is lightweight, making it easy to assemble and transport, and it folds up so you can store it away when not in use. Included with the Delta 1000 is a beautiful chestnut-colored headboard that adds to the décor of any room style. The headboard is taller than the footboard, and both are interchangeable and scratch and crack resistant to keep it looking good.

It also uses a 9-volt battery to keep it running in case of a power outage, so you will be able to raise and lower your head or feet up to 9 times. The Delta Drive has a new and improved pendant with large print and easy controls to give both the user and caregiver the ability to raise or lower the head, feet, or bed height when needed. The bed weighs a mere 160 lbs. and can support up to 450 lbs.

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