Hospital Bed Renting Guide 2020

A hospital bed for rent is suitable for anyone with a condition requiring more than a standard bed for comfort. Some of the factors that may force one to look for a hospital bed rental near me include sickness, aging and disability. The global hospital bed sector has been growing steadily in recent years, with the electrical market beds segment expected to have a compound annual growth of 7.25% between 2018 and 2023. Even when designed for home use, hospital beds are called so because they share the features of hospital beds.

When to Use a Hospital Bed

At some points in our lives, we may require a hospital bed. Some of the circumstances that may force us to search for a hospital bed for rent in Mississauga include:

  • When we can’t change position when sleeping on a standard bed
  • When we’re unable to sleep normally on a regular bed
  • When medical conditions such as breathing difficulties compel us to sleep with our heads raised at least 30 degrees
  • When we get a Certificate of Medical Necessity from our physicians

Why Use a Hospital Bed for Rent

A hospital bed for rent in Toronto comes with features that improve the comfort, safety and treatment of the unwell users. Sometimes, getting a hospital bed at home could be the only way of maintaining an acceptable quality of life. Renting a hospital bed comes with the following benefits:

Spread Cost

After getting a hospital bed rental Mississauga, one isn’t required to pay for the bed’s full value at once. Buying premium-grade and high-end hospital beds can be expensive, especially when there’s a hospital bill to be footed. Although these beds are costly since they’re installed with extra features such as multiple electrical adjustments, renting enables users to continue using them without paying a hefty fee at once.

  • Ideal for Short-term Use

When recovering from less-serious conditions like a broken leg, turning to hospital bed rental Toronto can be the most sensible economical alternative. This is mainly because the cost is based on usage, and one only pays for the period used. Therefore, renting can be the best option when confined to a hospital bed for one week or months.

  • Test

When using hospital bed rental Hamilton, we get a chance to know if we’re making the right selection with our investment. The chances of complaining about our investments are quite low since we can exchange the bed as soon as we feel that it doesn’t meet our expectations. This is unlike those who choose to buy since the only option available in most cases is to spend more money on another one.

Medical Beds Types

When looking for hospital bed rental Burlington, it’s essential to know the needs of the patient. Different hospital beds come with varying features. Some are entirely manual, while others are completely automated. Here are some of the most common types of hospital beds.

  • Manual Hospital Beds

Manual hospital beds don’t come with any electric features. Instead, the users adjust them manually. This is the cheapest option when looking for hospital bed rental Brampton. Physical fitness is necessary when adjusting the bed.

  • Semi-Electrical Hospital Beds

Although this type of hospital bed has a manual option, they work almost like electric ones. When there is an electronic failure, users can continue using these beds without any problem. These beds are cheaper than electric ones but more expensive than manual beds.

  • Fully-Electric Hospital Beds

Using Electric hospital beds is relatively easy as they’re adjusted using a remote control or buttons. Anyone, including the patient, can operate these types of beds effortlessly. One of the downsides is that they cannot be operated in case of electronic failure. They’re also costlier than both the manual and the semi-electric ones.

  • Bariatric Hospital Beds

We don’t weigh the same. When looking for hospital bed rental near me, it’s important to consider weight. Bariatric hospital beds are made for individuals packing some pounds. They also have a wider mattress area to ensure the patients are comfortable, and they’re electric. These beds are expensive because of the extra features they possess. It’s advisable to consult the doctor on the necessity to use this type of hospital bed instead of the standard one.

  • Cardiac Hospital Bed

Also called cardiac chair, this type of hospital bed is ideal when recovering from heart surgery or breathing problems. Recovery of heart surgery patients is boosted by maintaining an upright position for a long time. However, it’s advisable to reach such a position slowly, and the cardiac hospital bed is their right bed for this function. The extra features in this bed make it expensive but renting one can be much cheaper.

  • Low Hospital Beds

We may suffer from conditions that affect our mobility, making it hard for us to easily get in and out of bed. Sometimes the risk of falling from bed may also be high, forcing us to look for low beds. Low hospital beds are almost fully electric and rely on remotes or buttons for adjustment. They’re also much shorter than normal beds.

  • Trendelenburg Hospital Bed

Another available hospital bed for rent in Toronto is the Trendelenburg bed. Sometimes we may suffer from more severe conditions such as paralysis, forcing us to get hospital beds with greater functionality. Trendelenburg beds can come in handy in such cases. Users can adjust the height and other parts of the bed for more comfort. It’s not necessary to use pillows since the bed can be reclined upright to a seated position. They’re costly and require more space than the others need.

Selecting the Right Mattress

A hospital bed for rent in Mississauga doesn’t always come with a mattress unless it’s part of the package. Choosing the wrong mattress may cause bedsores around the body’s weight-bearing areas, including the neck and spine. Therapeutic form mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses and low air loss mattresses are some of the best mattresses to use on hospital beds.

Hospital Bed for Rent in Toronto

If you want to rent a hospital bed in Toronto for temporary use, you should select the right dealer for stress-free home healthcare. We have premium-grade and high-end hospital beds to make it easy for our clients to find the perfect bed for rent. Contact us today for same-day delivery and professional service. You can reach us 24/7.

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