Hospital Bed Rentals: 10 Key Facts You Need to Know

You may never give it a second thought until you need one. That’s when knowing and understanding the many models, design, and comfort levels become a necessity in your life. When hospital bed rentals become a front and center need for you or a loved one, you want to know all you need to know about medical bed rentals and select one.

The main objective in almost anyone seeking to rent a hospital bed is comfort, support, and safety, or any at-home patient. There’s no doubt that there is an endless range of medical conditions, diseases, and disabilities that can play into your need to rent a hospital bed. However, each hospital bed rental model provides you with benefits and disadvantages depending on the various components that make up its overall design.

Please read the below guide if you’re interested in learning more about ten key factors you need to know and understand before renting a hospital bed in Toronto or any other marketplace location.

Hospital Bed Rentals

Sometimes hospital bed rentals or purchases can make a difference in the quality of life of your or your loved one’s quality of life. Anyone’s quality of life can be impacted if they need to use a hospital bed to recover from a disease, disability, or medical condition. That being the case they are five basic and primary models that are used most often.

The five basic and primary models are the Invacare Full Electric, Etude HC, The Drive Delta 1000, CS7 Hospital Bed, and the Centrella™ Smart+ home hospital bed. Listed below are ten key facts that are important to consider when you need to rent or purchase your hospital bed.

#1 Benefit of Providing Pain Relief

Whether you’re purchasing or renting a hospital bed, the number one reason that most people use one is to help provide a measure of relief from pain. Those who suffer from the excruciating pain of degenerative pain conditions, debilitating diseases, or requirements need to adjust a bed into a position that brings them the most comfort. The number one key fact you need to know when considering the purchase or rental of a hospital bed is to help alleviate the user’s pain. 

#2 Specificity of The Health Condition or Illness

Every acute health condition comes with specific diseases and impairments that need to be matched to the hospital bed that meets the best patient’s illness or medical condition. Sometimes it makes no sense to rent or purchase a hospital bed without side rails if you’re dealing with an Alzheimer’s patient who may need the side rails to help keep them safe and secure. You may need a hospital bed that elevates the patient’s legs to help blood flow and comfort-levels if you’re meeting a specific ailment that requires it.

#3 Remote Control and Bed Mechanisms

Remote control with buttons or a hospital bed with side button mechanisms can help raise and lower the bed at a level the patient and their medical care personnel need. This level variation helps provide access to the medical personnel or caregiver needs when changing sheets, bathing the patient, providing medical treatment to the patient, and more. There are times you can use old-school electric beds that have hand cranks if you’re uncertain about using the remote or electronic bed mechanisms.

#4 Price and Cost Options

It’s not a favorite key factor when needing a hospital bed for rent, but it’s necessary. It’s essential to know how much the medical bed for rent will cost based on how long you will need it. You will also have to factor in the medical bed’s additional features and options you will need to be included. 

#5 Does Your Insurance Pay All or Part of Your Hospital Bed Rental in Toronto and Elsewhere?

There are times that insurance will cover part or all of a hospital bed rental requiring no out-of-pocket expense. You may need to pay for shipping or handling. Still, the rental costs associated with the medical bed itself may be covered entirely by your insurance when it means you need to find out your insurance provisions before you shop for the medical bed you want or need.

#6 Canadian Medicare Pays for Some Hospital Bed Rental Near Me Options

If you or a loved one is enrolled in Canadian Medicare, it can pay for all or part of a hospital bed rental or purchase used in your home. Medical conditions that apply like the hospital bed are medically necessary; however, it’s essential to learn the facts and options of Canadian Medicare if you need to purchase or rent a medical bed for you or someone you love.

#7 Mattress and Accessories of Any Medical Bed for Rent or Purchase

Every hospital bed comes with a specific type of mattress you need when assessing how long the patient will be in the bed. How much will the patient need to turn over or shift positions? How thick does the mattress need to be on the hospital bed based on how much the patient weights and will the patient be engaging in physical therapy movements while on the bed?

#8 Safety Assessment of the Medical Bed You Are Renting or Purchasing

Hospital beds, no matter where you’re using them or what medical condition has to be safe and abide by safety guidelines. Safety guidelines have to be met, so there’s no risk of a patient being injured, entrapped, or at-risk of injury or death because they couldn’t exit the bed if an emergency occurs.

#9 Size Matters with Hospital Bed Rentals and Purchases

Some hospital beds vary in size based on their length and width. Usually, the range is between 220cm length to 97cm in width. No matter the medical condition, you want to ensure the bed meets the tallness, weight, age, and other individual considerations when you’re selecting from the bed rental or purchase options. 

#10 Customer Service and Support After Renting or Purchasing

There may be nothing more important than finding out if the hospital bed for rent or purchase has support and maintenance after your finalize your contract for the medical bed.

Medical Bed Values Can Be Unlimited

When you’re ready to consider hospital bed rentals for you or someone in your life, you must start with one of the best and most valued medical equipment and bed provider in Toronto. Reach out to Hospital Bed Rental, Inc. when it has become necessary to provide for you or someone you care for. You already know and understand that not all hospital beds are created equal. You also know only a top-of-the-line medical bed integrated with the best cost will do for your medical needs.

Don’t settle for second best when you need a hospital bed that provides you with comfort, quality, and support you not only want but you need.

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