How to Find the Perfect Hospital Bed for Rent

Hospital beds are designed to deliver the utmost comfort, support, and safety for at-home patients. They’re also a necessity for home care and medical professionals who need to safely transport patients and administer medical and therapeutic services.

Not just any hospital bed is sufficient. At-home patients need the same level of support and quality found in beds at hospitals and medical facilities.

Fortunately, you can rent quality hospital beds by the month, which saves you money and the pain of using regular beds.

Don’t settle for less. Follow these tips to find a high-quality hospital bed for rent.

Features to Look for in a Hospital Bed

Familiarize yourself with hospital bed features before choosing a model and rental service. You need to ask the right questions and identify potential issues before you rent.

There are five primary models to consider:

  • Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed
  • Etude HC Hospital Bed
  • The Drive Delta 1000
  • CS7 Hospital Bed
  • Centrella™ Smart+ home hospital bed

These beds are also known as “home care beds,” and are used by top-rated home care services. They provide the same level of advanced support expected from a hospital bed.

IVC Full Electric Bed

The Invacare full-electric bed features strong, scratch-resistant panels. Damage-resistant rubber casters enable smooth, reliable transport and braking; this creates a more comfortable patient experience.

Full electric beds come with user-friendly, ergonomically-designed hand pendants to reduce strain and prevent pain. Home care givers and medical professionals also enjoy easy access to manual levers, in case of emergencies. Renters should also expect easy body and bed height adjustment features.

Electric hospital beds come enclosures, or junction boxes, that house the bed’s electrical connections. The Invacare full-electric features a color-coded connections box for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. Washable bed ends are also interchangeable, which saves money on bed upgrades.

Etude HC

This innovative hospital bed features the latest shear management technology for reducing friction and surface shear force; this is essential for patient safety and comfort. Like the Invacare full-electric, the Etude HC bed design meets IEC standards, including durable and safe side rails.

The Etude HC also comes with a highly comfortable and supportive solace mattress. This mattress is designed to relieve pressure on the body and prevent pressure-induced ulcers. High-density mattress foam helps support multiple trouble areas that are prone to homebound ulcers.

Drive Delta 1000

The next hospital bed to rent is a comfortable, light-weight Drive Delta 1000.

This popular bed comes with a mounted transition box for easy bed shaft rotation; this lets care providers lower and raise the bed without minimizing patient comfort. The quiet motor reduces noise and disruption during adjustments and transports.

Like the Etude HC and Invacare Full-Electric, bed and rails have been tested to meet FDA and IEC safety requirements. In the event of a power outage, there’s an additional battery to maintain safety and comfort during blackouts.

Care providers also prefer Delta’s large and intuitive hand controls.

CS7 Series Hospital Bed

The CS7 is a top choice for long-term at home patient care. Its comfortable auto body contour mechanisms safety elevate the knees and head; this lets patients comfortably read, watch TV, and engage with others without the pain.

Reliable floor locking improves safety, and providers are instantly alerted when the bed’s casters are unlocked. The curved slat design helps prevent pressure sores, infections, and wear and tear.

The CS7’s user-friendly hand control features bright, visible buttons, ideal for patients and care providers. There’s also an additional control panel on the bed’s footboard.

CS5 Beds

CS5 hospital beds are also available to rent for home care purposes. This bed features the same mobility mechanisms and auto contour features as the CS7 bed. Wheel castors lock and unlock with ease for comfortable positioning and transport. Hand controls are also water-resident and easy to use.

The high-quality CS5 is considered one of the best values for its price. It also accommodates a wide selection of supportive home care bed mattresses.

Centrella™ Smart+ bed

The Centrella Smart+ hospital bed delivers advanced home care to all patients.

This bed is designed with patient safety in mind, decreasing the risk of falls, painful pressure injuries, infections, and incontinence accidents. Advanced features instantly detect incontinence issues, and contactless monitoring is available for respiratory and heart rates.

Identify Patient Needs

The bed and rental package you choose also depends on the needs of the patient.

Are your needs short-term or long-term? This is an important question to ask before renting a bed. Long-term home patients may benefit more from advanced Centrella and CS7 hospital beds, whereas the Invacare full-electric bed may suit your short-term needs more.

Consider the bed preferences of the patient too. Patients who are bedbound longer may prefer an auto contour design that allows them to comfortably engage with activities, like talking with family. Patients who leave their beds more often may want a lightweight bed like the Delta Drive 1000.

The work needs of care providers are also critical. Care providers require easy access, ease of transportation, monitoring features, detection indicators, durable rails, and the ability to lock hand controls for patient safety.

Hospital beds for rent work best when they’re paired with high-quality mattresses. Don’t forget to consider mattress quality, especially for patients who are bedbound for most of the day.

How to Choose a Hospital Bed Rental Services

The first thing to look for is product quality. Top rental services offer industry-standard beds like the IVC full-electric, CS5 and CS7 beds, Delta Drive Beds, Etude HC, and Centrella Smart plus beds. If you have more questions about features, a customer service specialist should be available to help.

Product quality must be matched with flexible pricing options. Look for services that offer reasonable pricing with monthly installment plans; this is ideal for families with growing medical bills.

Discover the Perfect Hospital Bed for Rent

Remember these tips as you choose the ideal hospital bed for rent. Consider patient and caregiver needs, short-term vs. long-term needs, comfort, and safety features to make the right choice.

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