15 Easy Ways to Facilitate Hospital Bed Rental


Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital bed rental is for hospitalized patients or those who need special health care. It comes with various useful features which comfort the patient. Besides, it conveniently assists the healthcare workers in serving the patients properly.

It is not only beneficial for patients, the older person, those who are not feeling well on a standard bed, would get various support from it. Sometimes it gets your loyal friends for their many safety forms, which reduce the typical old age problems.

Standard beds do not provide some particular function needed for a patient or older adult. But, a hospital bed has some extra facilities such as adjustable height, position, and side rails with an electric button.

But basically, hospital beds are expensive, and most of the time, it is not possible for everyone to buy. In this case, they need to go for a rental.

Why would you prefer to rent it? 

Yes, it is beneficial and cost-effective. The most convenient facility is that you can return this after the healing.

But, indeed, we are not familiar with this hospital bed. So, when you decide to have a hospital bed rental, you need to speculate some factors to get the helpful one. Without knowing some common and essential facets, your rental would not be convenient for your purpose, even though you might be in great trouble. 

Before selecting your rental bed, it is crucial to sort out a hospital bed rental with high-quality equipment that is budget-friendly and sufficiently fulfills your other healthcare requirements.

So, for your great amenity, here we are exposing  15 Easy Ways to Facilitate Hospital Bed Rental to make your best picking.

1. Do  Research

It is the first and foremost work to do deep research on different rental services and their offering facilities. So, you can compare the prices and quality of offered benefits. 

Checking reviews is one of the tricks to justify. Furthermore, for the blessing of the internet, all the information would be in your hand from home.

Yet you can get informed by asking your experienced friends or colleagues. Doctors can also provide the necessary information.

2. Repairing Facilities 

Try to contact those suppliers who can give you the facility of fixing any accidental damage to the bed. Either it will add your extra cost. Because it may cause some devastation by using the bed for a long time.

3. Bed Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

If the suppliers give you the regular cleaning and maintenance offer, it would be best for you to 

keep the bed in good condition. In this regard location of the company is another vital factor. So, you should prefer a service provider near your area because you can contact them in case of any crises.

4. Budget-Friendly 

In general, hospital beds are expensive to buy. But though you will rent it, you will get some budget-friendly options available in the market. These options will help you to compare the prices and also save your money. So don’t worry, have a decent discussion with the suppliers and they will help you to find the bed according to your budget.

5. Rental and Installment Package 

Different suppliers provide different packages. It may be a  long-term or short-term basis package. Here you should consult the doctor to know how much time it needs to heal your patient. Then decide which package you will pick.

If the rental goes awry with your budget, you can also go through the Installment procedure. You will get a different installment package or offer with a rental service. This facility also eases your costs. 

6. Shipping Cost 

Hospital bed suppliers provide different types of offers. Shipping cost is one of them. Some suppliers offer a 50% or accessible shipping facility, which is more hassle-free. So, bear this fact also in your mind, which can also support your wallet. It will even save you time.

7. Return Policy

Check the suppliers’ return policy very well because policies vary from company to company. All of them may not suit your demand. So go through the favorable agreement before ordering. 

8. Convenient Warranty 

Warranty is one of the significant factors of rental the hospital bed. Most companies offer a specific warranty period. So, have assured the security of the product from the suppliers. If there are any issues or damage to the bed within the given period, they get bound to provide you with free servicing according to the agreement. It will save your repair costs.

After taking the above information about suppliers, now time to collect the information about the hospital bed features.

9. Selection of Bed  Types 

First, you have to decide what type of bed you need. You will get a different kind of bed for rental. Being sure of your emergency, find out the suitable one.

But before selecting the appropriate type of bed, you should take advice from the doctor

There are mainly three types of bed:

Full electric bed  

You will get lots of positioning options with a  full electric hospital bed. You can adjust it with remote control and raise the hospital beds up or down. So, staying on the bed for a long time would not be uncomfortable either.

Bariatric beds

Bariatric beds have a higher weight capacity, up to 500 kgs. These electric beds come with an extra-wide frame.  

Semi-electric bed

You have to change its position manually.

10. Positioning 

Then, you need to check the position of the bed. It is not pleasant to lay down flat on the bed all day long. It is also not suitable for patients. But a hospital bed helps lift the head and feet according to the desired height of the patient. It provides the facility with its electric mechanism. 

11. Low Lying Bed

Now consider the height of the bed. Low lying bed reduces fall risk. Some patients are not steady to walk or don’t have much foot strength. Getting on or off the bed is difficult for them, and sometimes it increases the risk of falling out of bed. So you have to be careful. 

12. Size of the Bed 

you should determine the size according to your patient’s height. Different sizes are available to fit your specific needs.

Standard – 80″ long by 36″ wide. 

Extended – 84″ long by 36″ wide.

Wide – 80″ long by 42″ wide. 

13. Bed With a Fitted Air Mattress

Though patients have to stay on the bed for a long time in the same position, it obstructs blood circulation. They can even suffer from bedsores. This type of mattress helps to control circulation at an exact rate. So, selecting the mattress of the bed matters significantly for the patient.

14 . Adjustable Features 

Check up the adjustment facility.

You can get the hospital beds with some adjustable features: You can adjust the height, the head, the foot section of the bed by raising or lowering. 

15. Necessity of Extra Accessories

Further,  your patient may need some extra care. Then you have to convene with a few additional medical appliances with the hospital beds. Remember, they are worth calculation with the overall cost.

In this circumstance, you may put up with the following things.

  • The height-adjustable bariatric overbed table can be helpful to have a meal for patients. 
  • A bedpan holder is attached to the bed frame so that the patient can reach it easily. It is ideal for those patients who cannot get out of bed.
  • You can attach a wheelchair holder to the frame because it is helpful to transfer the disabled patient.
  • You can get twin-sized sheets or slide sheets with the bed. So, consult with the caregiver about which one will be more suitable for your patient. Slide sheets are more helpful to turn or move the patient quickly.
  • You may also need trapeze bars, rails, or other assistive equipment according to the suggestion of your physical therapist.

Some Other Essential Factors to Warn 

  • Fix the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully before signing it. 
  • You should check the company’s certifications, which include license and insurance.
  • Try to deal with an authentic company which is more reputed for their services.
  • Always keep in contact with the company for getting swift service.
  • Lastly, be sure about the return policy before signing the contract.

So, collect the above information properly before placing your order and make the best deal.


If your patient is suffering for a long time and needs to stay in the hospital, it would be preferable to go back home soon. Then a  hospital bed would be your substantial option.

But you don’t know how to organize your hospital bed rental. Then first you need to decide which type of hospital bed suits you more and how to get it. After analyzing your specific needs, we present some criteria that facilitate you more. I hope this article will help you expose 15 Easy Ways to Facilitate Hospital Bed Rental to sort out the best product for you.

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